Who we are

Global Reach – Local Knowledge. Qualified, Experienced and Capable.

For more than 22 years, Risk Group has provided independent consulting service with the following important attributes:

  • Highly qualified staff with decades of experience in security management, project management, complex investigations and related disciplines including law enforcement and the military
  • Principal consultants have specific tertiary qualifications in business and security management
  • Our core business is risk management consulting and whilst we have well established B2B strategic alliances we have no links to any systems vendors
  • All of our work is conducted using our proprietary tools, proven methodology and practices that reflect the Australian Standard for risk assessment AS/NZS 31000:2018 and other relevant industry specific standards and government guidelines
  • Riskgroup has global reach through our vast network of skilled professionals and the local knowledge, expertise and commercial acumen to assess, analyse and develop cost effective solutions to your operational risk

Threat + Vulnerability = Risk

Business leaders throughout the world are increasingly making risk management and security high priority initiatives. Driven by a range of compliance obligations, companies operating locally and internationally recognise the need for effective risk management for existing businesses and in proposed ventures; particularly where the investment is substantial, the project complex and often where the location is exotic.

Whilst the threat of terrorism is a contemporary and compelling driver, other day to day operational considerations are critical and, in many cases, more relevant. Corporate responsibility in terms of occupational health and safety, compliance with Australian Standards and the raft of legislation affecting your business are significant. So too is business continuity, including reliability of technology platforms, availability and competence of staff and contractors, adequacy of infrastructure, and many other external influences, all of which contribute to continued financial success. These critical business drivers demand a comprehensive and integrated approach to risk management.

Riskgroup is helping companies to safeguard their future. By positioning operational risk assessment and security at the forefront of their strategies they are not only protecting their physical environments but more importantly their most valuable assets - employees, customers and business reputation.