Crowded Places Assessment for vulnerability to terrorism

The Australian Federal Government has recently released a new strategy for protecting crowded places from terrorism. That strategy makes it clear that to build national resilience, owners and operators of crowded places have the primary responsibility for protecting their sites, including a duty of care to take steps to protect people that work, use, or visit their site from a range of foreseeable threats, including terrorism.

The success of this strategy rests on strong and sustainable partnerships across Australia between governments and the private sector to better protect crowded places. These partnerships give owners and operators access to better threat and protective security information. By accessing this information, owners and operators will be in a better position to protect their crowded places against terrorism.

Risk Group has extensive international experience in the counter terrorism space and continues to assist clients throughout Australia in conducting vulnerability assessments, risk assessments and comprehensive plans to mitigate the risk of terrorism. If you need support to understand what is required under these new guidelines or to prepare relevant plans, policies and procedures, we can assist to streamline the process and ensure your venue is properly assessed and protected.

Risk assessment for gated community in Queensland

Sanctuary Cove is a substantial gated community on the Queensland Gold Coast, that was created in 1986 and is now home to more than 3,000 residents. The $2 billion Sanctuary Cove is Australia’s leading and most successful masterplanned community, comprising two championship golf courses, a marina, a retail precinct with boutique shops and restaurants, a five-star InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort, 24-hour active land and water security, and an unrivalled level of infrastructure.

Risk Group was commissioned to conduct a site-wide review and conduct risk management workshops with the senior management team as part of a new approach to management of risk. Working with a wide range of stakeholders, we prepared a risk management framework, risk registers and policy guidance as part of an all-risks approach to this iconic community.

Counter terrorism planning

Riskgroup continues its success in the analysis of risk in major events, with a particular focus on physical security and mitigation strategies for the protection of venues. We recently completed a review of Blundstone Arena in Hobart, Tasmania, and worked collaboratively with many stakeholders, including state police, to develop a counter terrorism plan. In a first for a major venue in Australia, the stragegy includes clearly defined escalation plans to ensure a swift and structured response to any changes in the threat profile for the venue or a specific event.

Riskgroup is highly regarded for its work in developing comprehensive and integrated strategic and operational plans for the security of major events.

Risk Group delivers on security plans for Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015 finished with a thrilling final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on March 29th 2015, capping off a highly successful tournament that involved 14 teams in 49 matches across Australia and New Zealand over a six week period. The tournament was the largest sporting event in the world in 2015 and has been hailed as the best ever world cup in terms of attendance, broadcast audience and a host of other key success factors. Risk Group was engaged over a fourteen-month period to provide security risk management support, particularly during the planning phase. Our principal was embedded as lead consultant in developing the tournament security master plan, strategic framework, risk management plans and master security standards for all match venues, training venues, hotels, airports and transport arrangements. Working with a wide range of stakeholders at local, state and federal government levels, our advice extended to analysing every aspect of the tournament and developing policies, procedures and standards to mitigate risks to this iconic international event. Our work included contract management for acquisition of private security services and deployment of of more than 8,000 security staff across more than 160 separate locations. Risk Group also recruited, trained and supplied close personal protection services for all participating teams and match officials throughout the tournament and managed a network of security managers around Australia to ensure consistent service delivery. During the operational phase, Risk Group took the lead in oversight and quality assurance of security services at all matches, and ensured that the security mission that “no crime mars success of the tournament” was achieved”.

Risk Group has considerable skill and experience in the major event space and we are thrilled to have contributed to the success of this significant international event.

Managing risks in motor sports

by Stephen Frost — 10-12-2014

Motor sports in Australia’s Northern Territory is experiencing sustained growth, with thousands of fans and participants attracted to a wide variety of sports including V8 supercars, drag racing, motor cycles, speedway, moto cross and off road events. As the peak body, the Motor Sports Board NT recognises their obligations to foster a best practice approach to all events and assist affiliated clubs in maintaining minimum standards for event management, safety and good governance. The Board sought the assistance of Riskgroup to develop a risk management framework for the organisation, working with board members to identify key areas of risk and establish a process for risk mitigation at all levels. Riskgroup developed a set of standards and guides for affiliated clubs to assist them in promoting an enterprise-wide approach to risk management. Commenting on the program, MotorSports NT President Grant Hamon said, “Riskgroup has provided invaluable support in helping us to develop a sound framework for risk management that is a critical element in our push to raise standards across all of our affiliated clubs.”

Riskgroup has considerable experience in major events management and development of risk management models in this specialised area.

Riskgroup provides risk assessment services for global drug manufacturer

by Stephen Frost — 10-10-2013

Hospira is the world’s leading supplier of injectable drugs and infusion technologies, with manufacturing plants around the world. The Hospira manufacturing complex in Melbourne comprises a number of buildings spread over a large site; each with specific characteristics and challenges. With oversight by the global parent company in the United States, and strict legal obligations pursuant to the Therapeutic Goods Act in Australia, Hospira must ensure that its approach to security is compliant, effective and in line with world’s best practice.

Riskgroup conducted a detailed survey of the manufacturing environment with a particular focus on physical security of the site, policies, procedures and business processes that formed part of the security management model. This work included site inspections, workshops with key individuals, discussions with security contractors and development of detailed recommendations for improved security solutions. Hospira’s warehouse and export manager, Perry MacDonald said, “The wide-ranging and detailed approach taken by Riskgroup provided us with a comprehensive and succinct assessment of security at our site. We will be using Riskgroup periodically to provide ongoing assurance in our state of preparedness.”

Riskgroup has considerable experience across a variety of industries in assessing physical security conditions, developing mitigation strategies and managing procurement and implementation.