Major Event Management

Specialists in managing operational risks at international sporting events, including security master plans and training and development of crowd safety personnel

Enterprise Risk Management

Working with stakeholders in the design, build and operational phases of projects to identify, analyse, evaluate and develop cost effective solutions to treat risks


Crowded Places Audits

Risk assessments of crowded places to ensure compliance with Australia’s Strategy for Protection of Crowded Places from Terrorism including Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Security Audits

Detailed site inspections, audits and surveys, using proprietary tools and proven methodologies to design robust security systems, plans policies and procedures

Who we are

Global reach – local knowledge. Qualified, experienced and capable.

Riskgroup is helping companies to safeguard their future. By positioning operational risk assessment and security at the forefront of their strategies they are not only protecting their physical environments but more importantly their most valuable assets - employees, customers and business reputation.


Risk Group's qualified professionals have significant expertise and experience in the following key areas:

Enterprise-wide risk management | Security and public safety assessments | Detailed security systems | Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing | Major events management | International Ship and Port Security (ISPS)

Case Studies

Riskgroup works in a wide variety of industries including government, manufacturing, mining, hospitality, tourism and retail for example.

Confidentiality is a hallmark of our business so we cannot divulge details of some sensitive work undertaken for many of our clients. However, the following is a snapshot of some typical projects.