Case Studies

Riskgroup works in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, mining, sporting, transport and logistics, hospitality, tourism and retail for example. Confidentiality is a hallmark of our business so we cannot divulge details of some sensitive work undertaken for many of our clients. However, the following is a snapshot of some typical projects.

Personal Injury Litigation Support

This client is one of several law firms that specialise in personal injury claims arising from incidents involving the private security industry and activities of law enforcement agencies. Riskgroup has provided expert investigation and advice in many cases resulting in successful settlement of all claims. These claims have included incidents of serious assault, sexual assault, unlawful arrest and negligence of police officers in the execution of their duties for example. We were also retained to provide expert advice and investigation of a series of armed robberies that were the subject of the NSW Commission of Inquiry into the Cash in Transit industry. Our evidence contributed to numerous recommendations by the Judge chairing the inquiry resulting in sweeping changes to the industry.


This client is a major player in the hospitality industry with a large portfolio of hotels throughout Australia. Riskgroup undertook a detailed risk assessment of over 40 hotels, focusing on physical security, security systems design, occupational health and safety, incident management, systems, policies and procedures. We prepared detailed reports, plans and a framework for a new integrated risk management system that was relied on as part of the due diligence completed prior to successful sale of the company assets.

Riskgroup has considerable expertise in the management of hotel security, particularly crowd control services where the potential public liability exposure is significant. Our principal consultants are regularly engaged to provide expert advice in superior courts and we have been engaged in many public safety programs for local and state government agencies.

Surveillance and Investigation

Riskgroup provides reliable and discreet services for Technical Counter Surveillance audits of major corporates and many government departments, using state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel. Our investigations for major corporates have included complex frauds, thefts, secret commissions and conspiracies.


This client is one of the largest property groups in Australia with a quality portfolio of assets across the major markets and sectors valued in excess of four billion dollars. Riskgroup has been providing risk management advice to the company for many years with a focus on developing an enterprise-wide framework. Our many projects for this client have included development of national standards for security services contractors, technical support systems, investigations, emergency management, counter terrorism, background checking, policies and procedures. Our involvement has also included the training of hundreds of outsourced security staff and management across the portfolio. Riskgroup was also retained to prepare a strategic plan for security and public safety in a landmark new residential, retail and commercial development and in other multi million dollar redevelopments of existing assets.

Higher Education

Riskgroup has undertaken complete risk assessments for many clients in the education sector including several universities and private schools with multiple campuses in both urban and regional areas. These reviews have focused on the personal safety and security of students and staff and the physical security of buildings as well as corporate governance and compliance. Schools present a complex environment for security risk management and we have been highly successful in helping school communities to better understand and manage their exposure. Some of this important work has resulted in us being engaged to design new technology support systems, undertake the procurement process and project manage extensive systems implementation.

International Travel Security

Riskgroup has assisted many companies and not for profit organisations in developing safety and security plans for international travel to high-risk locations. Terrorism is an enduring threat throughout the world in addition to a wide-range of other threats such as crime, natural disaster, civil strife and pandemic. Terrorist attacks against Australian and Western interests underscore the ongoing threat to Australians with business interests overseas so it is important that companies adopt a risk-based approach to protect staff. Riskgroup can help you to prepare detailed operational risk assessments and develop effective management strategies to mitigate travel risk.

International Port Security

This client is an international consulting group that specializes in security consulting in high-risk locations including Africa and the Middle East. Their focus is on the oil and gas industry and major port operations for government and the private sector. Riskgroup provided security management expertise in port security projects that included risk assessments of international ports and training of government, military and police personnel in emergency response and security strategies, with a focus on counter terrorism and border security. We have considerable experience in this space in developing programs to comply with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) obligations for International Ship and Port Security (ISPS).

Local Government — Public safety

Riskgroup was engaged by one of the largest municipalities in Australia to conduct a detailed review of the risks to public safety in the central business district of a large capital city following a series of violent crimes, including retail ram raids, daylight armed robberies of high value retailers, attacks on armoured cars and after hours burglary of retail stores in several precincts. Riskgroup conducted site inspections, interviews, workshops and investigations and made wide-ranging risk control recommendations that contributed to an effective reduction in local violent crime.

Similarly we have advised a state government department in identifying risks and developing strategies for a major urban renewal project, working with many state and local government stakeholders in a diverse and emerging inner suburb, with significant public safety and security challenges.

Business Planning

This client was a start up business aiming to establish a new private network of Automatic Teller Machines throughout Australia. Riskgroup undertook a detailed risk assessment of the proposed business model and developed a strategic framework for the proposed cash in transit operations. Riskgroup contributed significantly to the structure of the new business model and the enterprise was successfully launched and sold soon after to a major banking multinational.

Background Checking

Good risk management underpins good business and effective screening techniques are essential as a frontline strategy. PoliceCheck contributes to hiring and management decisions that ensure you end up with the right person in the right job with the right skills. An often overlooked but significant contribution to risk is the employees themselves. Many companies fail to undertake even the most basic of pre-employment screening as a first line of defence to internal theft and fraud. A recent Australian study disclosed that up to 82% of identified theft and frauds were committed by employees, almost a third of which were by management. Identity theft is also recognised as a real threat to many businesses and the chances of a job applicant lying about who they are, what they have done, where they have worked and what qualifications they hold, are very high indeed. So background checking is a fundamental first line of defence that we have undertaken since 1995. For more on this important aspect of your employment process, see our specialised services at where you can access our secure online services.


This client is a highly successful Australian mining company with interests throughout Australia and overseas. Following extensive explorations in Africa, they identified multiple sites for Greenfield operations in a country where there were concerns about political stability, security of assets and the safety of management and employees. Riskgroup undertook a detailed political risk assessment of the country and the specific site operations as a precursor to development of a strategic plan for security of assets, people and places. With mining operations now successfully launched, Riskgroup has continued to provide support to the company including close personal protection of traveling executives in high-risk locations, ongoing intelligence monitoring and expert advice regarding the physical security of mining operations. Riskgroup has also undertaken detailed assessments of other mining operations throughout Australia, often driven by due diligence requirements as part of mergers and acquisitions or insurers requirements.

Major Events Management

Riskgroup continues a long association with Cricket Australia in provision of security risk management advice for the management of all international cricket in Australia since 2008. Our work has included development and implementation of crowd management plans, venue risk assessments, team personal security, venue security plans, accreditation systems and alcohol management strategies. Our work has also included close personal protection for international teams traveling to Australia and Australian teams traveling abroad. We have developed major events programs for many other organisations, ranging from one-off outdoor concerts to strategies for regular motor sports events.


Riskgroup has completed many government projects, working with diverse stakeholder groups to define risks and develop mitigation strategies. Recent projects have included an assessment of the Statewide Mobile Radio Network that provides critical communications for emergency services across Victoria. We have worked on complex information technology projects throughout Australia and New Zealand, with a particular focus on Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems for police, fire and ambulance. Riskgroup and our associates have considerable experience and expertise in this space, having implemented some of the most complex and challenging CAD projects in Australasia. 

Recently we have worked with the Country Fire Authority in identifying risks arising from the recommendations of the Bushfires Royal Commission. We also provided security risk management advice to the Independent Broad-Based Anti Corruption Commission (IBAC) in VIctoria during the start-up phase of that important entity.

"PSMI has relied on Risk Group for specialist support in Australia and the Middle East for more than ten years. With an impressive list of high profile clients, they bring quality inputs to all our security projects."

John Bodinnar - Public Safety Management Int.

"RISK GROUP has helped us drive compliance programs across a large retail portfolio for years, delivering reliable, timely and cost effective advice."

Mark Baldwin - Millenium Group

"Recommended 12 years ago by a respected law enforcement official. Risk Group have assisted us with a wide range of Security and Personal Safety projects both in Australia and internationally."

Adriaan Den Dulk - National Manager, Corporate Risk, Jardine Lloyd Thompson PLC